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Basketball Forums -

The premier basketball community. One of the fastest growing basketball discussion forums on the web.

Basketball Overseas -

A site dedicated to inform basketball players worldwide the advantages of playing basketball and practically any sport.

GMCHoops -

Focuses on the Greater Middlesex Conference Boys Basketball. Has score information, standings and other resources. -

Provides news and rumors on basketball and in particular the NBA and college leagues.

Interbasket -

Exists as a basketball community for the entire world, and encourages personal awareness of basketball around the globe, not just for one’s country or region.

ISS - International Scouting Service -

Provides basketball professionals with the most accurate, reliable and impartial international player information available.

Long Island's Basketball -

A boys basketball league in Long Island with player and team profiles and results.

March to Madness -

A national college basketball blog with a San Diego State slant.

PowerBasketball -

A coaching youth basketball and athletic resource for the basketball coach and player to develop individual and team fundamentals, offense, defense, and conditioning.

Sports Flooring -

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