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Analysis and Opinion

American Daily -

Conservative oriented political commentary and opinion. Daily updates include foreign policy, domestic affairs, and humor articles on breaking news stories and issues of interest.

Dean's World -

Defending the liberal tradition in history, science, and philosophy.

Fight The Bias -

Aims to rducate individuals about the value of liberty and to return common sense to the government.

Hub for Business Coaching Info -

The Business Coaching Hub is the place to go for information, analysis, opinion, articles, blog posts and relevant links for all things related to business coaching, mentoring and training courses.

McCrindle Research -

Mark McCrindle Research is the parent company for Australia speaks that looks at workplace issues in society and culture via various methods such as surveys with statistically high levels of significance.

MeriTalk -

Leverages an award-winning editorial team and world-class events staff to produce unmatched news, analysis, and insight that improves the outcomes of government information technology.

Out There News -

Covers the Middle East and offers news and opinion on the area and its politics. Training and Personal Development -

The Pansophix website contains useful articles, links, information and analysis on many areas of training and personal development with regards to improving the skills of people for being more effective workers in businesses and organisations.

The Business Coaching Foundation -

The Business Coaching Foundation provides information on business coaching and executive coaching, as well as a vast collection of articles which analyse the importance of business coaching and state how coaching and mentoring can assist people in reaching their full potential within the workplace.

The -

Features columns about the movies, theater, music and humor.