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Ansible MOO -

A roleplaying game based on the battle school from the novel by Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game.

GreeneThorne's Realm -

Has information on custom gaming software in addition to reviews and analysis of different RPG based games.

MMORPG Kostenlos -

Free-to-play MMORPGs are getting more and more popular all over the globe. Here you can find your favorite game among all kind of roleplay games.

Roleplayer Guild -

Forum based play-by-post role playing games from fantasy to futuristic settings where members create and interact with freeform user-driven characters, story lines, and settings.

RolePlayGateway -

Aims to provide an open roleplaying community in which roleplayers have the opportunity to build lasting friendships with one another through their common pastimes.

Rondak's Portal -

This is a fully featured site that allows adventurers and referees to interact in worlds of fantasy, science fiction, or of their own creation.