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American Film Institute -

A non-profit educational and cultural organization aiming to protect the history of the motion picture, and to educate the new generation of storytellers. Also includes press releases, events and catalog.

Atomic Popcorn -

Get the latest movie and TV news, movie trailers ,and movie reviews.

Cranky Critic -

Reviews movies based strictly on their entertainment value and the price you pay to get that value.


Organized to promote Florida's motion picture, television, recording and digital media industries, by providing assistance and information to all interested organizations in regards to Florida's skilled personnel, locations, services and fiscal incentives.

Foreign Films for You -

Offers amusing review of foreign films written by a guy who, like you, just wants quality entertainment. Some foreign movies will blow you away, others will just blow.

Kung Fu Movies -

Watch Kung Fu and martial arts movies online.

Movies Net Top 20 -

Brings you the pick of the most popular and highest-rating sites for movies on the net today.

The Case of the Swapped Sleuths -

Dedicated to the likes of Lone Wolf, Nick Charles and the Falcon and other movie sleuths.

The Imaginative Cinema Society (ICS) -

A movie club providing a congenial atmosphere for those who enjoy watching fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and horror genre movies.