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Weight Loss

Dallas Hypnosis Center -

A company which promotes hypnosis fast weight loss program,

Diet Health Club -

Offers comprehensive information on nutrition facts, balanced diet and weight loss programs. It also answers all your queries.

Fit4LifeFriends -

An online community for people age 16 and older who want to live healthy lifestyles via a well balanced food intake of appropriate portion coupled with exercise and without the use of diet pills, program schemes, fad diets, and more.

How Can I Lose Weight -

Offers articles and resources about getting rid of extra weight for a slimmer physique.

How To Lose Weight -

Learn how to lose weight fast with these resources and techniques.

Lap-Band -

A surgery option for clinically severe obesity. Laparoscopic Gastric Banding is carried out by the International Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery Team (ILOST).

Nutrition Medical Center -

Develops safe, personalized weight loss program based on an in-depth medical examination and regular checkups.

Structure House -

The leading residential weight loss center and fitness spa, featuring an immersive and individualized behavior modification approach for realizing permanent weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes in a comfortable retreat environment.

The Zone Diet Plan -

A complete method for permanently improving every aspect of your physical health while helping you get a leaner, more attractive body at the same time.

Toronto Fitness Online -

Trying to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals? Then be sure to contact the personal training experts at Toronto Fitness Online, rated as one of the top five best personal trainers Toronto by Metro Newspaper.

Weight Loss Surgery Canada -

Weight loss surgery clinic offers the safest sustainable results in weight loss by reducing the amount of food your stomach can hold.

WeightLossBanter -

A weight loss support forum that is a gateway to the newsgroups.